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Avvocato Francesco Cerchia is an english speaking italian lawyer and with his collegue is assisting english speaking people,  and entities with matters concerning Italian law,  providing to client with professional quality services in a timely manner and at reasonable cost. The law firm have experience in Criminal and Civil - Prive Law.


Avvocato Francesco Luigi Cerchia as a qualified italian lawyer (“avvocato” is both a solicitor and barrister) and assists clients in litigation and providing legal advices.


When it is possible we first try to solve the matter by negotiations in order to keep the matter out of the court getting a faster result with low legal costs.


Fields of activity:

Criminal law: avv. Francesco Luigi Cerchia provide legal assistance to private and professional clients, throughout the different stages of the trials. Our law firm is able to assist in any kind of criminal proceedings, ensuring maximum discretion and professionalism.

The main areas we deal in criminal law with are:

Crimes against human people, usury, frauds

Abuse of authority - forgery - bribery and corruption

Safety on work place

Crimes against property

Drugs, weapons

Sex crimes and stalking

Juvenile Justice System

Crimes committed by foreigners on Italian territory

Inheritance, wills and Succession. Avv. Francesco Luigi Cerchia provide legal assistance in matters of inheritance and wills being executed under Italian law


Family: avv. Francesco Luigi Cerchia is at your disposal to give you information with reference to any issues you may have in Italian family law and matrimonial law. We assist you in the ensuing civil procedures (for instance with reference to divorce and separation proceedings, manteinance, hereditary and succession etc.).  We strive to achieve an amicable solution of the problems, when feasible.


Italian medical malpractice: avv. Francesco Luigi Cerchia assists Italian and non Italian victims of clinical negligence counting on professionals able to detect and address critical situations which could turn into a valid legal claim


Property law: avv. Francesco Luigi Cerchia assists private citizens and companies and who are going to buy,  sale, rent of real estate and real property. assists who is involved in a conflicting inheritance and in general, anyone who needs to preserve rights and interests in real real property and real estate.


Debt collection: avv. Francesco Luigi Cerchia assists in matters of debt collection from Italian individuals or private entities, executing both commercial (pursuing businesses) and retail (pursuing individuals) debt collections. We handle cases from the beginning of the claim through the litigation process to trial, if necessary. At first we work to recover the owed amount and resolve the matter without going to trial which, in the Italian court system, is typically time consuming and costly. In case the claim must go to court, we can try cases at all levels up to the Italian Supreme Court.


Contract liability / Tort liability: avv. Francesco Luigi Cerchia assits his clients in matter of car accidents - product liability - medical liability of doctors and hospitals;

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